Music producer Rodrickus Hill, better known as Dreek Beatz. Originally from Newnan, GA, Dreek has been into music ever since he first learned to play the piano. His musical journey started at the age of ten during the holidays when he asked his mother for a drum set and received a keyboard instead. Little did he know this would be the greatest gift that he would receive.

The development of Dreek Beatz’s unique style is a result of a lifetime of musical influence and a background in gospel music. Being a self-taught musician, Dreek took it upon himself at an early age to become a student of music and immerse himself into every aspect of what it takes to make a record. At the age of 16, Dreek started playing at local churches. As he continued, his curiosity took him further. Often, he would listen to top-charting records and dissect the songs learning the various techniques and arrangements that many successful records have.

Dreek has produced and been a part of records for artists such as Asiahn’s “Get Away” “We Can” “Fall Back”, Van Jess’s “Come Over Again”, Don Toliver’s “Video Girl”, Plies “Drip 4 Sale”, Rick Ross’ “Carol City”, Meek Mill’ “Problems”, Quality Control’s “Control The Streets Vol 1”, and the Suicide Squad album soundtrack.


“Video Girl” – Don Toliver 

“Carol City” – Rick Ross

“Problem” – Meek Mill

“Come Over Again” – Van Jess

“G.E.D.” – Lute

“We can” – Asiahn

“Get Away” – Asiahn

“Fall Back” – Asiahn

Florida Nights” – Seddy Hendrix

“Live Like Dis” – Quality Control & Marlo

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