JACOB GAGO is a Nigerian music producer, songwriter and mixing engineer from Los Angeles, CA. A truly diverse talent, Jacob can play the piano, bass, drums, guitar, and ukulele. In sessions, Jacob often leads with piano and drums as his main instruments then builds the production around the song. His ability to build songs organically has allowed him to secure cuts across a variety of genres such pop, hip-hop, R&B, and EDM. Recent collaborators include Yung Bae, Chanmina, Mills., Marcos G, Samica, Weathers, Raquel Castro, Justin Jesso, Gracie Ella, Sebastian Javier, Max Frost, and Lindsey Lomis among others.



“TU” – Alok

“Raining Friday” – Chanmina

“New Identity” – Evan Michael Green

“Where Do We Go From Here” – Nouri

“Skyfall” – Bravo

“How Do You Want It” – John Sohn

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