Jesse Mason is American producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Having been producing for many years and graduating from Berklee College of Music, the 24-yea- old has consistently worked with artists such as Wingtip, Rence, Suriel Hess, Anna Clendening, Yoke Lore, and more for the last few years. His approach to songwriting revolves around writing big chorus and hook melodies, while producing songs out from the guitar-based idea over time.

Upcoming cuts with Anna Clendening, Brando, Katelyn Traver 


“Hundred” – Katelyn Traver

“Don’t Call Me” – Brando

“Sometimes Things Just Fall Apart” – Rence

“Strangers” – Wingtip

“Love No More Duet” – Cody Lovaas and Cailin Russo

“Oh No!” – Cody Lovaas ft. Rozes

“Good Thing” – Suriel Hess

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