Hailing from a musical family (Scully’s father and uncle were the Grateful Dead’s managers), Scully never felt hindered to pursue a creative route, and was even encouraged to push the envelope and experiment with textures and sound while spending extensive time in Germany in his youth, his second home, by attending clubs in Berlin starting at 15. Local legends and labels like Supplemental Facts, Guy Gerber, and Trentemøller were his bedrock, changing his life by introducing him to more experimental and noir compositions. While drawn to the brooding drones and otherworldly loops that could soundtrack an autumn in the Rhineland, Scully couldn’t shy away from the more R&B and hip hop sensibilities back in the States. In the end, the California atmosphere was always beckoning him back.

After relocating to Los Angeles, he came under the wing of Diplo by way of King Henry, making it to sessions and learning the ropes, showing up when someone was sick, and introducing his chops to established heads. Eventually, he became a candidate for a publishing deal with Mad Decent, and signed with them in 2018. Credits started growing, and soon Scully found himself producing and songwriting with Diplo, Surf Mesa, Dillon Francis, Odie, and Lucky Daye.

As a testament to his litany of collaborators with various genres and audiences, Scully prefers to avoid labels, acknowledging that while pop is his bread and butter, he also doesn’t want to feel boxed in. Fittingly, it’s this duality that permeates throughout his new collaboration on “Better” with Zayn Malik, and what drew the former One Direction-star to Scully’s modus operandi. Once Zayn requested Scully’s stems, validity and confidence poured through. Most importantly, Scully’s focused on the now: making music with friends, forging creative relationships, and keeping the proverbial lights on. Phil Scully’s proving that if 2020 gives you lemons, he can make lemonade, and just about anything else.



“Better” – Zayn

“Famous” – Octavian ft. Gunna & SAINt JHN

“Envious” – Aluna

“Praise” – Black Caviar

“Real Life Stuff” – Diplo ft. Julia Michaels

Sync in The Simpsons, Glee 

Remixes for Diplo, Julia Michaels, Dillon Francis
& Kina

“Do Si Do” – Diplo ft. Blanco Brown (Produced with King Henry)

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